Open Access

The CoAI JRC maximizes its impact by enabling the broader scientific community to build on our research results and participate in our research challenges. To this end, we openly share our research results, software and research data resources. We use the CoAI Virtual Research & Training Building (ViB) to invite researchers worldwide to join our endeavor.

We are developing the ViB as an open infrastructure that allows complete research labs to be installed and run as digital twins on remote computers. In addition, the JRC partner universities provide binding guidelines on good scientific practice, including the FAIR principles, and engage in the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI) for accessible and usable data for the German science system.

We are signatories to the Berlin Declaration on open access to knowledge in science, and we encourage our researchers to publish their software, data, and educational resources through the European Robotics Collaborative Repository (EuRoCoRe) and the European AIonDemand platform. This ensures that the rules for publishing and accessing open research results are inherited from those implemented by the European Commission.

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