Robocup Soccer Arena

B-Human is a collegiate project at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Bremen and the DFKI research department Cyber-Physical Systems. The goal of the project is to develop innovative software in order to successfully participate in RoboCup events and also to motivate students for an academic career. Our team consists of students and researchers from the University of Bremen and the DFKI. The RoboCup is a fascinating combination of innovative research and the most popular team sport. Since 2008, we participate in the RoboCup’s Standard Platform League and have competed in the German Open, the European Open, and the RoboCup world championships.

B-Human is currently one of the best teams in the RoboCup Standard Platform League and won the world championship ten times as well as thirteen regional championships. Our work is not only for fun but also covers multiple research topics, such as robot control and machine learning. On our website, you can find links to our publications and open source software releases.

Watch a video that shows some of our highlights during the German Open competition 2023 in Hamburg.

Highlight Video

© Luis Scheuch (left image), Tim Laue (middle image), Patrick Pollmeier / Universität Bremen (right image)