Biosignals Lab

The Biosignals Lab is part of the Cognitive Systems Lab (CSL), led by CoAI JRC member Tanja Schultz. The CSL performs research on processing, recognition and interpretation of various biosignals to enable intuitive human-machine interaction and machine-enhanced human communication. The Biosignals Lab is also used by CoAI JRC member Felix Putze for collecting data to learn representations of human data in experiments in physical and virtual environments.

We use LabLinking as a method to extend experiments beyond the facilities by linking them to other labs in real-time, combining expertise and equipment from both locations in a single experiment. Besides interaction in the physical world, the Biosignals Lab is also ready to execute a wide range of single- and multi-participant studies in Virtual and Augmented Reality.

The above video demonstrates the blending of physical and virtual worlds, showing a virtual twin of the real Biosignals Lab. Remote visitors will be able to enter this scene to experience the lab, its sensors and resulting data, and the conducted experiments in an interactive and immersive fashion.

The Biosignals Lab is fully equipped with a range of sensory devices to capture biosignals resulting from human behaviour and interaction, like speech, motion, eye gaze, muscle and brain activities under both controlled and less restricted open-space conditions. Experiments can take place in a large interaction space (5x4m) or a shielded cabin for high-quality recordings under clean and controlled conditions.

Images: © Patrick Pollmeier / Universität Bremen