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The CoAI JRC offers a large and growing collection of open software resources for research and education.

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The Cognitive Robot Abstract Machine (CRAM) is a cognitive robot architecture that is fully accessible as an open-source software toolbox for designing, implementing and deploying software on autonomous robots. CRAM includes open-source software, installation guides, documentation, and interactive tutorials. CRAM has been assessed as a role model for open-source cognitive robot control by the EU roadmapping activity in the RockEU2 project.

Robots preparing meals. This project deals with the problem of teaching robots how to execute unknown tasks in the household domain. The focus of this repository lies on the task of Preparing Meals, especially fruits and vegetables, as well as pouring liquids, amongst others.

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The Robot Construction Kit, developed by DFKI Robotics Innovation Center, is an industrial-strength software library that offers both a rich development environment and a collection of ready-to-use robot service packages.

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To the best of our knowledge, KnowRob is the most widely used open-source knowledge representation and reasoning (KR&R) system in robotics. KnowRob has been assessed as the robot KR&R system with the highest academic impact and the one with the strongest reasoning capabilities.

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pySPACE is a signal processing and classification environment (SPACE) written in Python that allows rapid specification, execution and analysis of empirical investigations (short: benchmarking) in signal processing and machine learning.


Giskard is an open-source motion-planning framework for ROS that uses constraint- and optimization-based task space control to generate trajectories for the whole body of mobile manipulators.

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RoboKudo is an open source vision-based robot perception framework.

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A Fast Implementation of Random Forests for High Dimensional Data in C++ and R.