Talk by Joanna Bryson on Principle Agents of AI

Date: 20.04.2023
Time: 16:00 - 17:30
Location: CITEC building at Bielefeld University Inspiration 1 33619 Bielefeld
Venue: CoAI
Target groups: Researchers, Early career researchers, Graduates
Publicity: public event

On 20th April, Joanna Bryson will talk about “Principle Agents of AI – With Whom Do We CoCreate?” The talk will be a hybrid event taking place online via Zoom and in the CITEC building at Bielefeld University, Room 1.204. You can find the link to the Zoom lecture below, we are very much looking forward to it!

The talk is part of a thematic series of talks, “Co-Constructing Intelligence”, which is jointly supported by the universities of Bremen, Paderborn and Bielefeld. This thematic lecture series focuses on the human-machine interface and on the question how humans and machines can learn together, or acquire new knowledge and skills together. Our presenter, Joanna Bryson (Hertie School, Berlin) is an expert in artificial and natural intelligence and is working to improve the governance and ethics of digital technology.

Artificial Intelligence is a set of techniques facilitating our capacity to navigate the information spaces afforded by substantial improvements in digital technologies and infrastructures. But whose is this “our” – who is gaining in capacities and at what costs? In this talk I will review a sampling of AI impacts in the individual, national, and global spheres. I will present my recent research in transparency for and through AI, governance of those that produce AI, and the transnational dynamics that may be obscuring and even compromising our agency. I use this evidence to suggest that ultimately ethics and responsibility are only sensible framings for relationships between peers, and artefacts are never true peers with organisms. I will conclude by discussing ways to meet our obligations for AI transparency and human centredness, as agreed globally through the UNESCO AI Ethics Recommendation.

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