Open Educational Resources

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Our open educational resources are available to anyone who wants to learn more about cooperative and cognition-enabled AI and robotics.

InteL4CoRo is an open interactive textbook and immersive learning environment for cognitive robotics, with curricula that can be reconfigured for different courses, final theses, team-based software development projects, and robot competitions.

This is the virtual home of the textbook Human-Robot Interaction – An Introduction, published by Cambridge University Press. Written by leading researchers in this developing field, this textbook is the first to provide a broad overview of the multidisciplinary topics central to modern HRI research. Here students and researchers from robotics, artificial intelligence, psychology, sociology, and design will find a freely accessible electronic version of the textbook, as well as a massive open online course (MOOC), podcasts, and more.

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The EASE learning hub includes a collection of more than 100 video lectures, tutorials, and virtual trainings on cognitive robotics by leading experts in the field. The hub provides teaching and learning materials for learners ranging from doctoral students all the way to school children.

We also provide open software and open data resources for use in education and research.