ToBI – Team of Bielefeld

Every year, a team of students and researchers led by CoAI JRC member Sven Wachsmuth competes in the international RoboCup@Home competition. The challenge is to build an autonomous robot that can successfully carry out a series of tasks in a basic non-standardized home environment. Tasks include visually identifying and re-locating household objects, navigating the environment, and interacting and communicating with a human partner.

ToBI provides a good learning opportunity for BA and MA students at Bielefeld University, who can earn course credit for participating in the team. The annual competition provides researchers with an excellent opportunity to test and develop software platforms in cognitive robotics and human-robot interaction that play a vital role in the development of cooperative and cognition-enabled AI.

ToBI has an ongoing cooperation with the

On the ToBI website you can find more information about the team and the competition, including a full specification of all the platforms and systems used by the team. ToBI has an ongoing cooperation with the SUTURO VaB RoboCup@Home Team of the University of Bremen, including a series of workshops where the two teams meet and work together.

The 2023 RoboCup@Home Competition

ToBI performed very well in the 2023 competition in Bordeaux, taking 5th place in a league of fifteen.

You can learn more about the 2023 ToBI robot and team by downloading the Team Description Paper.