Graduate Education

Student observing robot arm unscrewing a bolt

The CoAI JRC supports young researchers in building careers in AI both inside and outside of academia. As a graduate student at one of the CoAI JRC participating universities, you will have the opportunity to pursue education and research in the highly interdisciplinary fields of cognition-enabled robotics, cognitive interaction technology, and socially embedded intelligent systems. You will also receive access to training in AI ethics and responsible research practices.

The JRC builds on well-established supporting structures at the participating universities. The Graduate Centre at Bielefeld, the Bremen Early Career Researcher Development program (BYRD), and the Jenny Aloni Center for Early Career Researchers at Paderborn offer a wide range of skill trainings, individual coaching services, and networking opportunities tailored to PhD candidates and postdocs.

Also, be sure to take advantage of the open educational resources the CoAI JRC offers.

Plans for a CoAI graduate school are currently in development. Get in touch with us to learn about the opportunities and career paths best suited to your interests:

Researcher taking notes with robot arm