Katharina Rohlfing and Britta Wrede (left to right)
© Susanne Freitag / Michael Adamski

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Building trust in science for UNESCO World Science Day

November 10 is the UNESCO World Science Day, and the theme for this year is “Building Trust in Science.” To help mark the occasion, CoAI JRC members Katharina Rohlfing and Britta Wrede held a dialogue about the connection between understanding and trust in science, and about the importance of establishing good communication channels with the public, especially when it comes to the research in artificial intelligence that is having a larger and larger impact on our communities.

Rohlfing and Wrede also discussed their current research on the mechanisms, principles, and social practices of explanation, and how this informs the project of developing trustworthy AI systems that can interact with humans in understandable ways. They conduct their research within the context of the DFG-funded Transregio Research Center “Constructing Explainability” established by CoAI JRC partner universities Bielefeld and Paderborn.

You can read the full discussion between Rohlfing and Wrede (in German) here.