PR2 robot carries a pot in a kitchen lab
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KnowRob featured in “up2date” Magazine

The KnowRob software developed by CoAI JRC member Michael Beetz and colleagues is featured in the current issue of the University of Bremen online magazine up2date.

KnowRob is an innovative open-source knowledge representation and reasoning framework designed to help household robots perform everyday tasks, such as preparing a meal, in natural human task settings. KnowRob enables robots to take information about everyday objects and activities from knowledge bases such as WikiData or SOMA and connect it to what they perceive in their immediate surroundings. This helps them identify the objects around them, understand the uses of those objects, and plan their actions. KnowRob provides an essential ingredient for cooperative and cognition-enabled AI systems that can operate in ordinary human environments.

You can read the full up2date article here, and explore KnowRob yourself in the CoAI Virtual Research and Training Building.